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descon® cal flow is a new system, designed to meet all requirements of a safe dosage of  calcium hypochlorite combined with minimum efforts.

Designed for use in public and commercial swimming pools as well as hotels.

Further information under descon® product world - chlorine supply.


descon®-trol XV M is the right solution for a measurement and regulation of a single water-parameter. descon®-trol XV M - the PROFESSIONAL LINE With touch-screen for an easy and intuitive operation.

Models: Free chlorine, total chlorine (TCL), hydrogen-peroxide, chlorine dioxide, Ozone, pH, ORP, conductivity, chlorine- and ozone-gas.

descon® sales information

New Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance dated 20.01.2017
Ban on the sale of solutions containing hydrogen peroxide > 12% 

Letter to our retail-trade customers (PDF)

In case of enquiries, please contact our office in Alzenau/Germany
Tel. +49 6023 507010

In February 2017 we offer workshops on technology for our customers.

Workshop content:

Measuring, control and metering technology / descon®-trol XV series - Electrolysis technology unides/concept / Smart ozone technology - Use of descon® sensors - Pool water analysis and evaluation.

If you are interested, please contact us or send an E-Mail.
We look forward to seeing you.


Michael Lux
+49 6023-5070110

descon® GmbH presented their extended range of latest water treatment products for public/commercial swimming pool facilities and high-quality private swimming pools at the interbad 2016 in Stuttgart. In addition to proven technologies, new innovative products were introduced. One of the focal points was on modern, safe and economical systems to supply chlorine for public swimming pools. For more information, see descon® ProduktWelt and the download area.

descon® measurement and control device descon® trol XV PRO ud XV S - the professional line with touch screen for an easy and intuitive operation. In addition to the standard parameters free chlorine, ORP, pH and temperature, you can select additional project-related parameters, such as total chlorine measurement with display of combined chlorine, second free chlorine measurement or measurement of conductivity.

On-site production of chlorine disinfection solution.

The DIN 19643 lists chlorine, calcium hypochlorite and sodium hypochlorite as approved chemicals for disinfection. Chlorine gas is the most widely used chemical worldwide, but carries a high hazard potential.

Areas of application are swimming pool water, drinking water, waste water and process water.

descon® offers two system for visualization and recording of hygiene parameters. The descon® mobile-trolone app for control and visualization of hygiene parameters as well as water temperature, filtering times, level control, and much more...

descon® logview - Visualization and operation log for use in the public sector to display the values actually measured by the descon®®-trol measurement and control devices. It is possible to connect and read up to 31 measurement and control devices via the RS 485 bus.

On 1 January 2016, after 5 years of successful operations  in Ukraine, a representative office of our company was opened together with "Kuntze instruments GmbH” in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. This ensures new possibilities for the Ukrainian specialist trade and plant construction sector as regards consultancy, service and sales without any additional intermediate trade, but directly "ex works” instead.