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descon® zon 150air

descon® zon 150air | For pools with a volume of up to 150 m3 

The descon® OZONE systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor pools, Jacuzzis and diving pools, and other applications in the water treatment sector. Sophisticated, low-maintenance systems for conditioning up to 150 m3 water; the systems can be connected with minimum effort and expense. The water is extracted from a slip stream, after the filter, is treated in the descon® OZONE system and then returned into the main circulation flow.

Design and technical data:
Reaction and degassing tank as well as water trap are made from high-quality stainless steel. Ozone generator, air dryer and the entire control unit are housed in a housing made from brushed stainless steel. All components including the booster pump are pre-assembled on a mounting plate at the factory, and are ready for operation. This ensures a fast installation on site.

Technical data:


Ozone output2g/h
Supply voltage:230 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum water flow:approx. 2,5 m³/h
Overall electrical connection:approx. 980 W
Size (WxDxhH (mm)55 x 49 x 135 cm
Weight:approx. 55 kg

Suitable for pools up to a volume of 150 m³

Item no.: 43002
Prices for larger systems on request.

descon® zon 150air

descon® zon 150air

descon® zon 150air | Functionality of system and technical data

Mode of operation

The descon® OZON method makes use of the advantages of ozone without the technical complexity and expenses that are normally required. A slip stream of the treated water is extracted before or after dosing and is treated with ozone. The moisture contained in the drawn in air is removed in an air dryer, then enters the ozone generator where ozone (O3) is generated from oxygen by silent electric discharge. Excess ozone is bounded to activated carbon after the gas phase. The water treated in this way is added to the main circulation flow. Possible residual quantities of dissolved ozone are reduced by dilution and/or reactive decomposition to such a degree that no free ozone is detectable in the pool water. Due to the continuous treatment of a slip-stream of the filtered water with ozone, the effects of water treatment go far beyond the results of a treatment using chlorine only.

Air drying

The operating air should be as dry as possible to produce ozone. The dew point is used as measure/reference. In a perfectly dry air, the dew point is approx. -40 °C, i.e. the entire water that is dissolved in the air under normal conditions (humidity) is separated. With an increasing temperature, the humidity share increases. With temperatures of 30 ° C and a moist environment, the air is saturated, and the humidity is condensed when cooling down

If working with moist ambient air during the ozone production, the following must be observed:

- The nominal capacity of the ozone system is reduced to approx. 50%.
- In addition to ozone, also nitrogen oxide and as a result the unwanted nitrate are produced.

descon®zon 150air - with integrated air drying ensures optimum operating conditions and a considerably higher efficiency during the entire period of operation when compared to systems without air drying.

descon® zon 150air

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