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descon® cal flow

Dissolving and metering system for calcium hypochlorite

Calcium hypochlorite is a commonly used chlorine carrier for the chlorination of pool water.
It offers a high  chlorine content and a good storage stability, with the disadvantage of
a low solubility and a high proportion of insoluble components.

descon® cal flow

descon® cal flow | System design

descon® cal flow is a combined dissolving and metering system with integrated storage container for max. 25 kg calcium hypochloritetablets. The chlorine tablets are dissolved with purified pool wateraccording to a proprietary process, the solution is diluted and added to the clean water via an injector system.

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descon® cal flow

descon® cal flow | System function


The storage container is filled using the specially developed and protected filling system descon® SFU (SAFETY-FILLING-UNIT). This system is placed on the supply unit, thereby ensuring a dust-free filling of the system. The diagonally mounted screen is inserted in the bottom of the storage tank. It is sprayed from below with treated pool water and used to dissolve the tablets. The solution drips into the mixing container, is diluted to about 1%, pumped off via the injector and added to the clean water.


The screen that the tablets are placed on can simply be replaced with a second screen during operation. In this way, deposits that can form on the screen can be removed outside the system. The cleaned screen is to be kept for the next change. The storage container is fitted with a transparent front, which makes is easy to see when a refilling of tablets is required. The heavy dilution of the generated chlorine solution ensures that no deposits are formed in the dosing solution, which could disturb the metering process. In case that any solid particles should still get into the dosing solution, they are separated in the sedimentation tank and can be easily flushed out.

descon® cal flow | System control

The supply of dissolving water to the system is controlled by a solenoid valve. When using a measuring and control system, the valve is controlled proportionally. Owing to this function, no vulnerable metering device is required for a chlorine-containing medium. The metering capacity of the system is up to 1000 g chlorine/hour. Both the dust-free filling of the system with calcium hypochlorite tablets and the uninterrupted use of the system due to the exchangeable screen are protected as utility model. All functional parts of the system are freely accessible, and allow an easy maintenance.

descon® cal flow | System advantages

Dust-free filling with feed hopper


Easy, safe replacement of screen

No additional solubilizing agents

such as acid are required

1000 g free chlorine / hour

Robust construction

Risk assessment with positive results

Minimum service and maintenance costs

Clear system layout

descon® cal flowTechnical data
Active chlorine capacity 1000 g
Daily production 24 kg
Storage quantity tablet container 25 kg
Concentration 10 g/l
Mains connection 230VAC, 50Hz
Connected load 50W
Dimensions W x H x D in mm 600 x 1200 x 450 
Weight35 kg