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descon® dome


descon® dome | System design and functions

The chlorine granules are dissolved with process water in a reactor and led into a sedimentation tank. The solution is set to a value of pH 7.5. Metering pumps are used to extract the solution. While extracting the solution, a 2nd sedimentation tank is filled in the same way, so that a sufficient quantity of chlorine is always available. The generation of chlorine solution is uninterrupted, with redundant design. The empty unit is cleaned using a special procedure, i.e. the waste water of the cleaning process is neutralized and discharged dechlorinated. The cleansed dissolving unit switches to the "standby mode". The entire delivery and dosing section is automatically cleaned outside of operating hours once a day.


Technical data:

Capacity: up to 4 kg chlorine/h
Chlorine content of solution:approx. 4 %
pH level of solution: approx. pH 7.5
Stock of calcium hypochlorite granules: 90 kg (mind. 70 %)
Electrical connection: 230 V / 16 A/ 50 Hz
Current consumption: 100 W
Water consumption: 90l/ kg chlorine
Conditioner: 0.8l/ kg chlorine
Ambient temperature:max. 40 °
W x H x D: 1530mm x 2200mm x 600mm
Operating weight: approx. 450 kg


Item no.: 44000


descon® dome

The alternative for supply of chlorine in public swimming pools

descon® dome  is designed as chlorine supply system to replace chlorine gas equipment or membrane cell electrolysis systems. Expensive maintenance and repairs and the exchange of membrane cells are now a thing of the past

The system uses calcium hypochlorite to produce a 4% active chlorine solution, with an hourly output of up to 4 kg. It is possible to expand this in a modular way in steps of 2 kg. The chlorine solution is produced on demand and without any interruption in batches of approx. 25 l. A stabilization of the acid capacity and a trouble-free storage of the chlorine carrier are an advantage when using calcium hypochlorite. The consumption of pH correction agent decreases significantly, because the chlorine product has a pH level of 7.5. Lime deposits and the accumulation of mud, which usually occur during the use of calcium hypochlorite, are excluded by the special system technology. The accumulated waste water is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way after neutralization of the residual chlorine content. The entire production of the chlorine solution is carried out in a closed housing, equipped with an activated charcoal filter system for the exhaust air and a collecting tray with leakage monitoring. The overall production system can be integrated in an existing metering system with just a few modifications, even while the pool is in use.

Granular chlorine is filled in directly from 45 kg shipping containers via a motorized lifter, without any effort. The user does not have any contact with chlorine. With a medium-sized pool water treatment of 500 m3/h circulation capacity, the contents of a barrel lasts for approx. 5 days of operation.

The system is controlled by means of a touch screen and is suitable for communication with customary building management systems. Top priority was given to operational safety during the development of the descon® dome. The entire operating procedure and sequence is controlled by means of high-quality sensor technology, and all process steps relevant to security are monitored twice.

descon® dome

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