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unides smart

On-site generation of a chlorine disinfectant solution

In the DIN 19643 norm, chlorine, calcium hypochlorite and sodium hypochlorite are listed as approved chemicals for disinfection. The most commonly used disinfectant world-wide is chlorine gas. However, it involves a high hazard potential.

Areas of application are swimming pool water, drinking water, waste water and process water.

descon® unides smart | Layout and functions of the electrolysis system

The required resources are salt, water and electricity. Hypochlorite solutions generated in this way are highly active and as far as possible free of chlorate. Large storage containers with appropriate risk potential are not required.  

Many years of experience in the construction and handling of this technology ensure maximum benefits and operational reliability. The descon®® unides smart electrolysis system works “salt-neutral” on the basis of a protected technology (DBGM) that was developed by descon®® Designed as absolutely reliable, closed system for production of an adjustable active chlorine solution of approx. 5 g/l (approx. 0.5%) and an hourly output of 250 g up to 2000 g active chlorine/h, depending on model.

The systems work with undivided robust electrolysis cells, which are used to generate a sodium hypochlorite solution from a NaCl solution. Softened filtrate water is used for the production of the brine that is used for operation. Pool water is treated with a built-in pool water desalination plant according to a special reverse osmosis process. The protected system technology compensates for the salt passage of the open cell.

The process largely avoids the accumulation of chlorides in pool water; the system can therefore be used with all materials used in pools without restrictions. The hydrogen-air mixture that develops during the production process is discharged via the roof with a monitored, automatic ventilation system. The entire system works with a slight negative pressure.

descon® unides smart 250 - 2000

State-of-the-art disinfection / Product-specific benefits

    • On-site chlorine production using salt
      Salt, electricity and soft water are used to safely generate a highly active disinfectant solution in a cost-effectively way.
    • Robust technology without membrane
      Undivided cells have proven themselves for decades and are durable
    • NO increase of chloride content in pool water
      A special process is used to withdraw salts as well as nitrate from the circulation water, depending on the system.
    • NO storage-related formation of chlorate in the dosing solution
      The online production process and short storage periods largely prevent the formation of chlorate.
    • NO temperature-induced formation of chlorate
      Increase of temperature max. 10 K
    • Long electrode life - marathon runner
    • Safety!
      No contact with dangerous substances
    • NO membrane cell electrolysis
      This means there are no expensive replacements require
    • NO cooling water required
    • NO additional water softening plant required
    • Low costs for maintenance, spare parts and servicing, minimal effort
    • Fully automatic processes, remotely monitored

unides smart 1000 - 2000

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descon® unides smart 250 - 2000
Scope of supply / Technical specifications

ModelCapacity | chlorine/hDaily output | kg/24 hModule 1 LxWxH mmModule 2 LxWxH mmItem-No.:
unides smart 250250 g/h6 kg1750 x 800 x 1800-Item no. 41525
unides smart 500500 g/h12 kg1750 x 800 x 1800-Item no. 41500
unides smart 10001000 g/h24 kg2300 x 800 x 23001000 x 800 x 2300Item no. 41501
unides smart 15001500 g/h36 kg2300 x 800 x 23001000 x 800 x 2300Item no.. 41502
unides smart 20002000 g/h48 kg2300 x 800 x 23001000 x 800 x 2300Item no.. 41503