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descon® Filter - NORM - public

Filter tank made from glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) with nozzle plate, cylinder for a filling height of 1200 mm, operating pressure 2.00 bar.

Quick filter tank that allows backwashing. Make: descon® professional-line norm. Exclusively manufactured from corrosion-free, high-quality polyester resins (isophthalic acid resins), standing, closed cylindrical design equivalent to DIN 19605/19643, completely homogeneous overall design exclusively made of GRP, rot-proof. The base ring made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester is adapted to the tank size..

Colour: descon® green

Cylindrical part, tank bottom, transitions, connections and block flanges made in a particularly robust manual lamination process. Inner fine lining made of food-safe special resin, highly resistant to abrasion, resistant to chemicals of all processes combinations according to DIN 19643, except for ozone

Tank fittings

Fixed laminated GRP nozzle plate, secured with center-mounted PVC pipe support.

Nozzle floor assembly 

Min. 60 pcs/m2 installed filter nozzles, in case of purge air connection: air cushion nozzles, material PP, Ø 58 mm, height 38 mm, with 30 fine slots each, a = 0.25 mm = 1.50 cm2, shaft: L = 100 mm, Ø 16 mm = 2.00 cm2. Mounting from above with expansion plugs.

GRP / plastic formed part and fitting as sludge hopper with PVC connection for internal raw water piping. Size and diameter according to size of corresponding tank.

Quality assurance

Technical design according to DIN 19605. Mathematical proof, static of container to AD Merkblatt 2000 N 1 (technical rule), pressure vessels. Made of glass fiber-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP).

  • According to DIN V 2505, calculation of flange connections
  • According to AD 2000 Merkblatt B 4, dished covers
  • According to AD 2000 Merkblatt B, screws
  • Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC

Additional equipment

Rating of operating pressure: 2.0 bar when testing an overpressure of 2.6 bar

Temperature resistance up to 40°C

Inspection window (sight glass) View size 55 x 345 mm or 55 x 245 mm GRP formed part, block flange inserted in cylinder. Allows an excellent observation of the filter bed extension during the backwash process according to DIN 19643,19605, including all necessary accessories

Filter norm

descon® norm, filter tanks made from high-quality glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) with protective inner sealing, manufactured using a proven manual lamination process, with built-in nozzle plate, internal piping, filling port and lateral maintenance port, incl. plastic protective caps for screw heads. For technical details and recommendations for use, refer to the table below or see general information descon® norm filter tanks. 1 inspection window (sight glass), view dimensions 55 x 245 mm is included in the standard scope of supply / price. Additional windows, also with larger dimensions, can be installed at an additional fee. Filter tanks for higher operating pressures, ozone resistance - price on request.

For operating pressure:max. 2,0 bar
Test pressure: 2,6 bar
Tank colour:

descon® green

Filter base / lids / protective caps: 


Operating temperature: max. 40o C


descon® Filter norm | Select the filter tank/tanks according to the required volume flow. We will be happy to offer individual advice.

Tank d = mm Tank height (mm) Filter area
Volume flow
m2/h at 30 m/h
Volume flow
m3/h at 50 m/h
Filling port
Maintenance port
Revision port
Item no.
610 2100 0,29 8,4 14 210 210 x Item no.: 52000
765 2350 0,46 13,8 23 210 210 x Item no.: 52001
920 2325 0,65 19,5 32,5 210 210 x Item no.: 52002
1080 2450 0,92 27,6 46 430 430 x Item no.: 52003
1250 2530 1,23 36,9 61,5 430 430 x Item no.: 52004
1450 2710 1,66 46,2 77 500 500 150 Item no.: 52005
1800 2850 2,55 76,2 127 500 500 150 Item no.: 52006
2000* 2200 3,14 94,2 157 500 430 50 Item no.: 52007

* This model consists of 2 parts..

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